Nelissen Consulting Group

NCG advises and works with:

  • start-ups in early stage development

  • companies seeking to accelerate growth and performance

  • organizations that are undergoing intended or unexpected change
NCG has worked with clients throughout the USA, and in industries including Finance, Creative and Services, Real Estate & Architecture, and Media & Content.

Projects include: purpose and vision development, leadership coaching and strategic action planning, and interim and change management.
"I had the pleasure of working with Jasper as he assisted with some restructure efforts in our agency. I found him to be organized, approachable and most importantly pragmatic and level headed. This strategy helped us keep order in what was, understandably, a rather chaotic process.

He also played a key role in identifying tangible action steps, roles and responsibilities to ensure mission critical info didn't get missed. Jasper brings a wide range of knowledge as it relates to both change management and the agency space. Should you find the opportunity to engage with him, I am confident that your experience will be a positive one."​​​​
SVP Production
"Jasper is detail oriented, but doesn't get lost in the minutiae. He is focussed on people as individuals, but not at the expense of the organization. He prefers to use research and data-driven recommendations to drive program development, but is flexible and intuitive as he adapts and appropriates best practices from change management and organizational behavior to real world scenarios.​"​​​​

Founder and Director
"Jasper’s model and approach to change management is unique, innovative and allowed us to navigate effectively through a very complicated and challenging time for our organization. His support, guidance, in-depth strategic knowledge and expertise in the field, coupled with an incredibly calm demeanor and sense of humor, went beyond change management into helping establish a solid foundation for my department and team, and inspiration that we still retain to this day. It was a true pleasure to work with him, and I would resolutely welcome an opportunity to do so again in the future."​​

Sr. Project Manager
"Jasper is an exceptional brand strategist. He's creative, thorough, and a pleasure to work with.​"​​​​

Marketing Consultant
A nationally operating content and experience design agency

March - June 2016

  • After a recent merger, the organization required structural change within its multiple studio locations, as well as streamlining of parts of its operations.

  • Interim and transition management
  • Change management

  • Restructured and transitioned the Washington DC and Saratoga Springs creative studios, including managing personnel transitions, process changes and client leadership.
  • Supported and led key transformation and development initiatives throughout the company, focused on several offices, key capabilities, organizational structure and client relationships.
A privatly owned financial services and wealth management firm

October 2016

  • Changes to its leadership and a recent expansion of the organization necessitated the company to reevaluate and define its future focus.

  • Purpose development
  • Leadership alignment

  • Through a workshop format and in partnership with a communications firm, delivered an organizational purpose outlining future direction of the organization, as well as definition of the organizational identity. The purpose served as a unifying element for the leadership team.