NCG Consulting

NCG operates on the intersection of brand strategy and organizational development.
We take a people-led approach to change, and touch every level of the organization.
By simultaneously defining an organization’s future direction and the structural change required to deliver on this direction, NCG help companies be the best they can be.​​

Brand Strategy & Transformation

Organizational development




NCG was founded by Jasper Nelissen, a leader and consultant with global experience in brand strategy, organizational development and change. Jasper is passionate about helping organizations and people be the best they can be. His approach is focused, personal and energetic, and always puts people first.
An organization's promise and delivery go hand in hand. NCG combines expertise in business and brand strategy, with a deep understanding of organizations and the people that shape them. We are equally focused on defining a company's future, and implementing change to get there.
NCG has worked with and advised a great variety of companies and organizations, each in different and unique circumstances. One thing always stands out: our collaboration is focused on people, enabling them to articulate and shape their organization's future.
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"Jasper has been a driving force behind the business development and creative evolution of my organization. His positivity and "grounded" outlook on projects is his formula for advise, which is so on target. His commitment to my organizations success has been met with patience, belief in our potential and an ability to adapt with changing times.​"​​

President and Founder
"Jasper Nelissen is a business leader and a strategic thinker. He is without a doubt the most thoughtful, courageous, and ambitious leader, with the fortitude to get the job done while motivating others to follow suit. He can't be shaken. Jasper has a relaxed charm that is absolutely necessary to put people at ease, even during the most challenging of times.​"​​

Account Director


Purpose & Vision Development

Brand Strategy & Transformation

Organizational Development & Alignment

We help organizations define who they are, and where they're going, based on thorough analysis and consensus.
With a strategic direction as context, we help define brand promise and strategy, and the articulation of that into internal and external communications.
To deliver on a promise, we help companies organize, restructure and develop, aligning promise and delivery.

Implementation & Change Management

Leadership Development

Project & Interim Management

NCG provides advise, leadership and management to implement strategic initiatives and programs
We help leadership teams align around a common cause and direction, and help with the implementation of strategic initiatives and change.
Organizations undergoing change often need a helping hand. NCG has the expertise to do just that, providing focus and support to leadership and employees.
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NCG advises and works with start-ups, companies seeking to accelerate growth, and organizations that are preparing for or undergoing change, whether intentional or unexpected.

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